Sunday, July 17, 2011

Aged pickled Garlic (Torshi Seer)

Few fresh whole garlic undivided attached to the root
Vinegar (half balsamic/half red wine)
Salt : Half tea spoon of salt for each garlic in the jar
One table spoon of honey
How to make it:
Boil the vinegar mixture then add salt & stir well
Pour the hot liquid on the garlic which are tightly placed in a glass jar
Add honey and close the jar tight while the mixture is still hot
 shake the jar well 
(this will kill the possible bacterias)
Store in room temperature for 1t least 2 months before you serve it. 
A good garlic Torshi is a seven year old one (according to older people)

Serve as a side  or eat one clove a day as snack to stay healthy
(A good garlic torshi is said to be aged at least 7 years so it melts in your mouth!)


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