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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy chicken Stew

 1 pound (450 Grams) Sliced chicken breast cut in small pieces
One large onions chopped or Julian sliced
2 table spoon of olive oil
2 medium potatoes peeled and cubed
1 teaspoon of turmericpowder
1 table spoon of tomato paste
1 can of cooked chick peas (Garbanzos)
1 fresh lime
salt & pepper

How to make it:
Saute onions in oil
Add turmeric
Add chicken and let it be browned on both sides
Add salt & pepper
Add 1 cup of water
let chicken cook and get tender
Add cut potatoes
Add tomato paste and stir
Add chick peas 
let cook for 10-15 mintues
Add juice of fresh lime 
Serve with rice or increase water and eat like a stew/soup with bread


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stuffed Bell Pepper (Dolmeh Felfel)

 One Pound (450 Grams) ground beef
One large onion
2 Cups of non-Basmati (short grain or Jasmin) rice
1 can of crushed or petite cut tomatoes
Half cup of yellow split peas (Chana-dall is preferred)
One fistful of current raisin
1 teaspoon of whole cumin seeds
3 tablespoon of dries savory leaves
A few bunches of fresh parsley leaves finely chopped
6-8 tablespoon of tomato paste
Half cup of lemon juice
2 table spoon pomegranate paste (optional)
Half cup of olive oil
Pinch of Cinnamon powder
Pinch of turmeric powder
                                                                 2 tablespoon of salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
8-12 bell pepper (green, red or yellow)

How to make it:
Cut the onion in tiny pieces and saute' in a pan with a bit of olive oil in it
Saute' the ground beef with the golden brown onions
Meanwhile let the split-peas cook in a boiling water
Boil the rice in  water in a pot until done but not mashed
Drain the water from the rice and split-peas and set aside
In a large bowl add the beef, rice and the spit-peas
Add half can of the crushed or tiny chopped tomatoes and half of the tomato paste
Add the herbs: Savory & parsley leaves (do not use and dill-weed)
Add the raisins/cumin seeds/cinnamon & turmeric powder
Add a bit of lemon juice (and a table spoon of pomegranate paste if you like the sour taste)
Mix all the stuffing well and add salt and pepper
Cut the bell pepper's cap and leave the cap aside(next to bottom so it will fit and not mixed with other caps)
Stuff the bell peppers with the stuffing
In a large pot pour the rest of the crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, lemon juice, olive oil 
Add a pinch of salt & pepper
Lay the stuffed bell peppers in the pot and turn the heat on medium
After 10 minutes turn the temperature to low 
Let the stuffed peppers cook for 20 minutes
(Make sure the bell peppers are not over cooked and not cracked)
Serve the bell peppers in a shallow bowl & top with the sauce/juice in the bottom of the pot

Serve with flat bread

Note: The stuffing above can be used for the stuffed grape leaves dish  
(Coming soon!)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fresh is the Best

My organic green bell pepper bush in a pot in my backyard patio that gave me about 5-6 Pounds of bell pepper all summer. $$$$$$
I used them in salads and cooked them in my stews.They were not big enough to make one of my favorite dishes; stuffed  bell pepper (Dolmeh)
They taste fresh & crispy......

Spinach Yogurt Dip (Boorani)

You Need:
One Pound or about 450 grams of plain yogurt
200-300 grams of fresh spinach (Baby spinach) cleaned & washed
1 & 1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
How to make it:
Chop the spinach leaves and steam them for 3-4 minutes in metal strainer over a pot
Pour yogurt in a stainer with a paper towel at the bottom
(You can use a cheese cloth to drain the water out of the yogurt)
After 10 minutes separate the take the yogurt out and pour into a dish
Chill the spinach 
Mix yogurt with the chopped steamed spinich
Add salt & pepper then mix slowly (No Beating) 
Top with crushed walnuts 
Serve chilled with dried pita bread/chips or tortilla 


Beef Kabob (Chenjeh)