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Massoud Nasseri's Food Blog
Massoud Nasseri's Food Blog

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fast Pepper Chicken (Morgh va Felfel)

Ham & Salami Sandwich with Arugula (Sandeviche jambon va salami)


Good lean ham
Shaved sweet onions 
fine sliced tomatoes
Spicy mustard

And the most important part: 
Crusty Tuscan style slice bread 

(Cheese slices are optional if toasted and if it is not a cold sandwich) 

Kale & Cucumber Salad

Chopped kale
Slivered Persian cucumbers
shaved sweet onions
cubed tomatoes

Mixture of olive oil, red vinegar, teaspoon of spicy mustard, dash of lime juice and a dash of honey
Salt & pepper of course!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beef & Mushrooms with Red Wine Sauce (Gossht ba Gharch va Sose Sharab Ghermez)

Saute' cut beef in olive oil
Sprinkle with salt and pepper 
Add red wine and cook until tender
Add 2 tablespoon of flour
Saute' slice mushrooms
Add mushroom to the beef
Saute' cubed white potatoes and add to the beef (optional)

Serve with toasted bread or mashed potatoes