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Massoud Nasseri's Food Blog

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fast Chicken with Rice (Aros con Pollo) (Morgh-polo fori)

 You need:
One can of chicken breast
 One frozen bag of mixed onions and bell pepper chopped
 One can of peeled chopped tomatoes (you can add one small can of tomato sauce)
 Mix the chicken breast with tomato and peppers and onions

Add 3 cups of medium grain (fat or short grain) rice
Add 4 cups of water
Bring to boil and wait 3-4 minutes
Reduce the heath to low and let the rice mixture cook for 10-15 minutes
You may add more water or chicken broth and a tablespoon of cooking wine

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Eggplant/lentils Dip (vigan)... Halim Badenjaan bi Goosht

 Cook lentils
 Mash the fried Italian (skinny less seed) eggplants

 Add saute' onions and garlic

 Blend- semi mash the lentils
 Serve with "Kashk" (whey) or fresh sour cream
 (top and decorate with crushed walnuts and a pinch of dry mint if you like)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hello Spring!

I kept my little orange/citrus pot bushes in the garage during the winter.
It seems they can smell the spring in in the air because they are exploded with blooms!
they are moving to the patio full of sun this week  


Vegi Pilaf Rice (Polo ba sabzijaat)

Saute'  in olive oil a frozen package of mixed vegetable: Bell pepper, pees, carrots, green beans, corn, celery..... 
 Add turmeric, Salt, pepper

 Mix and steam

 Makes a great side dish for meat dishes

Fast Broccoli Soup

Saute' chopped broccoli, potato, shredded carrots in extra virgin olive oil until tender
add 2 tablespoon on flour
Add chicken broth or chicken stock
Add your cheese
 Enjoy with a crusty bread of your choice