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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Persian Nuts

The art of packing!

A friend brought me a gift from Iran

Quick Persian Chicken Stew (Khorak-e Morgh)

You need:

2 Lbs. skinless chicken (breast, thigh and legs) or skinless/boneless chicken breast
2 large potatoes skinned and cut in small peices
1 can of tinny cut tomatoes
1 large onion Julian cut
2 cloves of garlic tinny cut
1 tablespoon of turmeric powder
1 teaspoon of cinnomon
1 tablespoon of salt
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 can of sliced mushrooms (optional)

How to make it:

In a pan or a pot saute' the onions in oil until they are soft and a bit browned
Add chicken
Stir on high heat
Add salt, pepper and turmeric, cinnamon. Mix well
Add tomatoes from the can
Stir for 3 or 4 minutes
Add one cup of water then cover the pan or pot and let the chicken cook (about 10-15 minutes)
Add the potatoes and mix
Let it cook on low heat until the potatoes are done and soft but not mashed
(Option: Add the can of mushroom while adding the can of tomatoes)

Eat with bread as a stew or serve with rice


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lime-Cilantro Chicken Steak-kabob (Joojeh Geshneez Kabob)

You need:
6- 8 pieces of flat chicken meat (Steak style) that can be breast or dark meat
one lime 
2 tablespoon olive oil
3-4 branches of fresh cilantro chopped
1 teaspoon of salt
Pinch of crushed black pepper
Pinch of crushed red pepper (optional)

How to make it:
Marinate the chicken meat in olive oil, lime juice and chopped cilantro
Add salt and pepper
Leave for 1 or 2 hours 
Grill on open fire or broil in oven (preheated on 400f) for 12-15 minutes

Serve with rice or veggies